Summer Membership SpecialPaying
Single MembershipsPayingDirect Debit*
Single 12 months- Gym & Pool€450.00€492.00
Single 6 months- Gym & Pool€300.00-
Single 12 months- Gym Only€380.00€420.00
Single 6 months- Gym Only€250.00-
Single 12 months- Pool Only€300.00€336.00
Single 6 months- Pool Only€195.00-
Joint MembershipsPayingDirect Debit*
Joint 12 months- Gym & Pool€800.00€876.00
Joint 6 months- Gym & Pool€550.00-
Joint 12 months- Gym Only€680.00€742.00
Joint 6 months- Gym Only€450.00€532.00
Joint 12 months- Pool Only€540.00€589.00
Joint 6 months- Pool Only€350.00€414.00
Family MembershipsPayingDirect Debit*
Family 12 months- Gym & Pool€650.00€710.00
Family 6 months- Gym & Pool€490.00€580.00
Family 12 months- Pool Only€525.00€573.00
Family 6 months- Pool Only€400.00€473.00
Discounted Memberships
(Unwaged, Student, Disability)
PayingDirect Debit*
Discounted 12 months- Gym & Pool€350.00€382.00
Discounted 6 months- Gym & Pool€225.00-
Discounted 12 months- Gym Only€225.00€246.00
Discounted 6 months- Gym Only€195.00-
Discounted 12 months- Pool Only€225.00€246.00
Discounted 6 months- Pool Only€175.00-
60+ Memberships
PayingDirect Debit*
60+ 12 months- Gym & Pool€275.00€300
60+ 6 months- Gym & Pool€200.00-
60+ 12 months- Gym Only€200.00€220.00
60+ 6 months- Gym Only€175.00-
60+ 12 months- Pool Only€200.00€220.00
60+ 6 months- Pool Only€150.00-
Junior Memberships (U16)PayingDirect Debit*
Junior 12 months- Pool Only€255.00€276.00
Junior 6 months- Pool Only€175.00-


*Direct Debit is available to annual memberships only. An additional 10% of the membership price (rounded off to the nearest figure) is charged for this service. Two months direct debit payments must be paid upfront at point of sign up. Please complete a Direct Debit Mandate form (available at reception) to avail of this service.

*Joint Membership is available to any two people signing up together on the same day.

*For Student Concessionary Rate, presentation of a valid student card is required.

*For Disability Concessionary Rate evidence of your disability must be provided.

*For Unwaged Concessionary Rate, membership forms must be stamped by Social Welfare.

*For Over 60+ Concessionary Rate membership proof of your age must be provided.

*Junior Membership is for children up to the age of 16.

*Gym Membership is only available to those who are over the age of 16.

If you have an exceptional grouping that does not fit into the above, we would be delighted to speak to you and explore ways to make membership at Seaworld work for you.