The Challenges

  1. Pure Strength– Gym (Preliminary Round 10th – 20th April)

The Ultimate tests of strength the 1 repetition bench press and the Hex bar Deadlift.  Challengers will warm up and be given 3 efforts to lift as much weight as possible in 1 repetition. Rests of 3 mins between efforts permitted. Female competitors will have their score multiplied by 2. Tests to be completed as a team prior to main event day.

  1. Pure Endurance Gym (Preliminary Round 10th – 20th April)

A 6km team row on the concept 2 indoor rowing machine. There must be a transition of one team member every 1500 metres until 6km is reached. Test to be completed on same day as strength test. (Challenge 1)

  1. Team Work Rescue Lahinch Leisure World Pool Sat 22nd April 3pm

Part 1

4 members line up at pool end. 1st member swim/run/walk to far end, exit pool, completes 30 compressions and 2 breaths on a CPR dummy. Swim back down and tag 2nd person until all 4 have completed.

Part 2

Starting at shallow end swim/run to deep end where another team member is waiting. At a designated point 1.5 metres from the end the swimmer must remove their top and throw it to the team member who will pull them to the edge and swim in the opposite direction to be rescued at the opposite end.


  1. Strength Endurance Bottom Car Park Lahinch 3.45pm

Farmers walk. Each team must carry a hex bar with men carrying 60kg and women 30 kg in a relay of 50m. Transitions take place (including change of weight at each 50m mark.

  1. Balance-Co-Ordination-Nerves of Steel Bottom Car Park 4:45pm

One team member will balance on a beam while holding a golf ball on a table tennis bat. Last one standing wins

  1. Power-Strength-Stamina-Determination Bottom Car Park 5:10pm

Car Push race. Teams will push a car 100m as fast as possible. A draw will be made to pair teams off. 1 member to steer – 3 to push. All team members must cross the finish line to stop the clock.

  1. Anaerobic – Lahinch Beach 5.45pm

Beach Run. Each team will race in a relay of 800m (100 out and 100 back x 4) with a transfer of a baton on each changeover.

  1. Team Work 2 – Sea Challenge Lahinch Beach 6:15pm

Team will line up on the beach facing the sea, one team member behind another. The person at the back of the line will be holding a 10kg sandbag. On the whistle teams will make their way to the water with the sandbag holder racing to the front of the group. As soon as he/she gets to the front the bag MUST be passed to the back of the group, where the next person will race to the front. This process continues. Challengers will wade out to approx. 1.5m of water where they will all duck under a rope and return to the beach following the same bag passing method. Once the first person gets back a set point all team members, including a nominated (teams will decide this themselves) bag carrier, will race to the finish line. All 4 and bag must cross the line to complete the challenge.

FREE Barbecue and presentation ceremony in Flanagan’s Bar Lahinch from 7pm. All Welcome.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Stewart’s and event Manager’s decision and ruling are final.
  2. Teams may have a maximum of 5 team members but only 4 may be entered in each event.
  3. Points system is as follows for each event;

1st place 10 points; 2nd place 8 points; 3rd place 7 points; 4th place 6 points;

5th place 5 points; 6th place 4 points; 7th place 3 points; 8th place 2 points

If 4 members do not complete a challenge 0 points will be awarded.

Paul Dunne

Event Manager and Zombie Apocalypse CEO