The road to success

I was reminded this week watching a you tube video of a similar one I’d seen a few years back by Eric Thomas on The Secret To Success. If you little child pedaling a bicycle on a deserted roadhaven’t seen it it’s well worth a view at only 5 minutes. As with all motivational videos it’s not for everyone but it’s for everyone who has a goal and wants to succeed, whether that’s in business, fatloss, muscle gain, parenting or just being happy. Not to ruin the video for you but the general gist is that you will be successful when it’s the thing you want more than anything else.

I have written blogs before relating to people who tell me that they “would like to lose some  weight.” It’s a noble goal to want to improve your health and body composition but unfortunately  for ,most people the above assertion just isn’t strong enough. How about this instead? “More than anything else in life and come hell or high tide I am going to cut my % body fat by 4% in the next eight weeks and I am going to get below the obese categorisation and into over-fat which lies just below it. To do this I am going to consult a qualified person and get a structured weights plan and a good nutrition plan that I can stick to.” Why does this work better? It works because the second statement incorporates S.M.A.R.T.

S – Specific. A set target of % Body Fat and not something airy fairy like “some weight” which could be water loss, muscle mass a decrease in organ size or maybe fat.

M – Measureable. 4% can be gauged and checked on a weekly basis.

A – Action Based. Consulting an expert, getting a plan together.

R – Realistic. 4% is a really achievable goal.

T – Time Constrained. You must set your target in a time frame or it gets long fingered.

The same rules apply to your nutrition plan. It’s not good enough to constantly “treat” yourself to an ice-cream or a curry or a few glasses of wine after a hard day with the kids or in work. Firstly putting something into your body that increases your % body fat, risk of hard disease, diabetes and hypertension can hardly be labelled as a treat and secondly treats are for dogs. We are humans and we need to be honest with ourselves.

As Eric Thomas says, “Don’t cry and give up, cry and keep going. Yo’re already hurting so you might as well get some reward for it.” It doesn’t have to be all sweat blood and tears but you need to be honest with yourself and give it a fair shot. Inside you know it’s worth it.

Paul Dunne is the Manager of GymWorld at SeaWorld and owner of LifeFit a studio designed to meet the needs and goals of clients from youths to beginners to elite athletes. He was previously General Manager of Exeber Health and Fitness a results based personal training gym franchise. He has studied the American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer Course, is an ITEC Gym and Studio Instructor and is currently engaged in a Degree course in Strength & Conditioning through LIT.