That in no case should a woman be told in bed
In a fit of passion it’s so hard to keep track of what you say, but sometimes it’s really necessary. If a man does not always pay attention to what his partner says during sex, then women on the contrary can be very offended because of the words that the man accidentally uttered. Therefore, it is so important to control your speech, so as not to spoil the relationship with the chosen one.
1. The phrase "Who is your daddy?" able to spoil the mood during sex, as it can be perceived not as a joke. Such an expression makes one think about real parents, which obviously will not benefit from sex, and the excitement because of this can simply disappear.
2. It happens that a woman begins to cry after sex. This is not due to the fact that she didn’t like something, she so expresses her tender feelings towards her partner. This happens especially often after the first sex, and at such moments you definitely should not ask the lady about the reason for her tearfulness, it can be very annoying.
3. The remark “Well, it was fun”, uttered after sex, can say that for a man it’s just another sex with a new girl and the relationship will definitely not continue, but almost every woman in love does not dream of fleeting sex, but about something more serious.
4. Never focus attention during sex on the belly of your chosen one, unless you want to say about what a beautiful press she has. Everything else can greatly offend, because a slightly hanging belly is by no means pride, but an occasion for strong complexes.
5. The name of another woman can make your partner angry. After all, this is really absolutely inappropriate. Thoughts about other women, in principle, during sex should not be. This mistake most women take for treason.
6. If you are during a woman’s moaning, tell her to be quieter, at least it will offend her. Understand that with the help of screams and groans, your partner expresses her positive emotions and this needs to be enjoyed, which means she is literally on top of bliss.
7. And certainly you can’t offer your woman a threesome. Units agree to this, and it is hardly your partner from this number. This is again offensive, the woman will decide that you are missing her alone, that she is doing something wrong.
It is very important during sex to be attentive to your chosen one, it’s very easy to offend a woman, but then she forgives a very long time, so watch what you say in a fit of passion. $10 minimum deposit casino