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One of the main components in those foods is potassium.

As far as how many you add, it depends on your level of intake.

In general, women can add 10 to 100 milligrams per day of potassium, or about as much as about 2½ apples (about 3 teaspoons) of sugar, or 2 cups of fruits or vegetables.

If you do not want to add that much to your diet, it will be beneficial to try something a little less processed (like chia seeds or other natural extracts).

How do I get adequate sleep and healthy mood after having been unable to enjoy sleep?

There's a few basic things I can do to help prevent sleep problems after a serious event.

Here are the most common suggestions:

Reduce and/or replace drugs and alcohol Use medications for a longer period of time Avoid medications for a short time Start a regular night care routine Start a routine that includes getting 5 – 7 hours of sleep during the day Start a routine that includes getting at least 7 – 10 hours of sleep at night (depending on your health and circumstances). It's easy enough to learn. But it's even easier to master. A few weeks ago, a man named Josh Ziegler had trouble finding a job, lost his house, lost a marriage, and started spending time in jail. To make matters worse, he was stuck with a disability.

Ziegler's story is a cautionary tale for anyone considering applying to law school that should not be overlooked. I've heard a lot about the "law education shortage," but the facts are that there is a substantial problem of applicants lacking experience, and employers are taking advantage of that by keeping them locked away.

Ziegler's story was not unique just the most recent.

The problem is real.

According to a report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the National Center for Law and Policy, more than two million workers have "work-related disabilities"—a term developed from data from the American Law Institute. That means, over the past 25 years, there have been more people with disabilities in legal jobs than all of the people who would have been born in the United States (based on 2010 population estimates) together.

This means there is a labor market shortage because it is a human resources problem not just physical-skills shortage.

Joan Blencensy manages the staff at Caddy Department Store with the help of a young and pretty woman, a training instructor. She told me about the life of employees. The conversation was conducted in the form of questions and answers, from time to time interrupted by the impatient calls of the telephone on her desk. All the store’s problems seemed to flock to her desk, waiting for a solution.

Concessionaires, she explained, manage their staff themselves. These are well-known companies throughout the country that produce shoes or clothes under their own brand names. They would like to have their own shops on High Street in Southend, but they cannot organize them, because there simply is no more space. On the other hand, some of them themselves do not want to have a separate large organization. Some of them are specialists, such as hairdressers or transport agencies located under the roof of the Caddy.

The employees in them all wear Keddy's brown and cream-colored signature clothing and follow the routine rules established for Keddy, which are mainly concerned with safety in emergency situations. However, the selection of employees and salary issues are within the competence of the concessionaires themselves. These 25 companies simply annually pay Keddy a commission on sales, which cannot be lower than the established minimum.

Many employees directly at Keddy entered right after school. Joan Blencensi attends school meetings for career choices and talks with local students.

Local youth employment centers send girls and boys, who, in their opinion, are suitable for such work according to their inclinations, to the store two months before graduation. Joan Blencensi makes every effort to explain to them all the advantages and difficulties of work, and then invites those who have not abandoned their chosen profession to come again with their parents.

This time they have to pass a fairly simple screening test to find out their special interests and knowledge in elementary mathematics and the English language. After this, another conversation follows, and after the selection, each young man or girl should spend at least a year behind the counter, getting acquainted with the art of selling goods. During this year and later, they will be given every opportunity to study at a local technical college for a diploma in retail.

The time allocated to study, he paid as a working day. The Keddy company itself organizes a special training program for them. The training actually begins on the very first morning: they have a welcome meeting, and after it the specially trained “guardian” responsible for the students is engaged in new staff in each department.

At the very bottom step of the career ladder, a young 15-year-old girl without a certificate receives a salary of 11 rubles a week. The salary increases every six months by one ruble, and if there is any certificate, then the salary increases by another two rubles a week. Young people receiving diplomas of a retailer receive an additional bonus of 2 rubles. 16 kopecks with every salary increase. In addition, there are still bonuses for successful work, which are issued on the basis of feedback from customers and department heads. It should be added that the established rates are reviewed annually.

Working in a store as big as Caddy has a number of additional benefits. Caddy employees can shop at a store with a discount of 12% to 20%. Shampooing and hair styling for girls is done in the salon at special low prices, and in the afternoon they can, if they want, buy hot food or a large portion of salad for only 21 kopecks.