The theme of this slot is completely devoted to the hospital - a medical institution, which from almost childhood has been able to cause extremely unpleasant associations in almost all of us. To do this, just remember at least a dentist! But despite such specific topics, in the Crazy Doctor slot machine, all your bad memories will disappear right away with the first prize combinations with very seductive payout ratios appearing on reels!

Game features
On the reels of a slot machine & quot; Crazy Doctor & quot; you can find many different symbols, but only 4 of them attract special attention - a snake, a sexy nurse, a patient and a team of gloomy surgeons, who act here as bonus symbols with special game features.

Take, for example, the image of a snake entwined around a bowl, the appearance of which will become pleasant for you due to its ability to replace any other symbols with it (except for the scatter and bonus). In addition to the function of the wild symbol, the snake is able to increase the current game bet: 3 symbols x150, 4 symbols x750, 5 symbols x2500!

During the rotation of the reels, the players will also encounter a sexy nurse - this is a bonus symbol, falling out on 2, 3, 4 reels opens a prize-winning win-win mini-game in which you have to test yourself as a doctor and try to cure the patient.

By the way, about the patient, in the sense, about the patient of this hospital: despite the painful appearance and his helplessness, the appearance of 3 such symbols in any position on the game monitor will bring the player as many as 15 free spins.

The team of gloomy surgeons, who got the multiplier function, will not remain in debt (in the good sense of the word). Meeting them is a particularly pleasant event in the slot machine & quot; Crazy Doctor & quot;, because in the amount of 3 or more characters on the gaming monitor, these aesculapies are able to multiply your current bet on all lines.

Doubling Game

You can also increase your winnings here due to the built-in risk game. After a successful spin, just click on the & quot; gamble & quot; and you will see 8 glass vessels. In order to double your winnings, you need to guess which one can add the reagent. In case of failure, the player will have sad consequences - an explosion will occur, after which the win will immediately burn out.

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