Antique clocks on the wall, surface finish slightly affected by time - all this symbolizes the vintage style in the interior. Currently, this style includes the use of old things in interior design with modern surface finishes.
In our article we want to tell how to properly design the interior of a modern apartment in vintage style.

In the design of premises in the vintage style, various accessories are usually used, which are more a rarity. Upholstered and cabinet furniture on its surface has small scuffs and cracks, as if left by time. For this effect, you can use various methods of aging of wooden surfaces.
For accessories, choose various paintings with nature, mirrors with a carved silver frame, various watches and figurines.
For ceiling decoration, surface painting is usually used, perhaps a small decoration of stucco molding along the walls. The color palette is usually cold shades of white, pale blue.
The floor is finished using parquet, preferably imitating an aged tree.
In the decoration of the walls used pastel shades of wallpaper or painting. Wallpaper can have a small and delicate floral print. However, it is preferable to choose a finish with a flat surface, matte bright colors.
For furnishings, apartments in vintage style usually use various dressers with a large number of drawers. You can also install elegant cabinets in the room, which will have an antique finish.
To illuminate rooms in vintage style, various floor lamps, floor lamps and fabric lampshades are usually used. In this style, it is necessary to take into account that the light is diffused and warm, which will give the room a special flavor.
Vintage bedroom
For the decor of a bedroom in vintage style, a metal bed is usually used with a large number of pillows of all sizes. A bedside table is also set next to the bed, which is decorated with a lace napkin and a night lamp.
Also, one should not forget about small dressers, a dressing table and mirrors. On which are placed porcelain figurines, framed photographs and flower vases, to create which you can use branches of various trees with artificial flowers.
However, when creating an interior in a vintage style, one should remember the measure of decoration, which should not give the impression of a cluttered room. best online slots canada