With the onset of the autumn - winter period, the likelihood of acquiring the so-called "colds" increases. Particularly dangerous is the period of time when the heating season has not yet begun and it is cold in the apartment. And the weather becomes cloudy and you can easily get wet in the rain or wet snow. It is important to immediately take measures at the first symptoms of a cold, then you can quite successfully fight a cold even at home, and get better without taking medications, which often have a lot of “side effects”.

What are the symptoms of a cold?
cold hands
frequent sneezing
"Breaks bones"
lethargy and drowsiness
sore throat
How to deal with the first signs of a cold
It is important that you take urgent measures before contacting a doctor so that you do not get hurt even more. Here is an example list of what you need to do immediately if you observe several of the above symptoms of a cold:
- immediately take off your wet clothes, change into everything clean and dry
- keep your feet warm and dry (put on woolen socks, warm boots, hold your feet in a bowl of hot water)
- take a large dose of vitamin C - up to 1-2 grams, it is better to divide into several parts (before taking read carefully the instructions or consult a doctor, because there are contraindications)
- drink more (it is better not only hot tea, but also a rosehip broth, because it contains a high concentration of vitamin C)
- if the temperature is high, then drink tea with raspberry jam, cranberry juice, honey with warm milk
- you can take a warm bath (but only if there is no high temperature) and go to bed immediately
- you can make inhalation and “breathe” over garlic, for example. There are many recipes for inhalations. They are also best done if there is no high temperature.
- Lemon with honey is very useful (the main thing is that it is not honey before going out, because it warms up and you can sweat, and even get cold)
- you need to eat well so that there is no feeling of hunger, so that the body has the strength to fight the infection
- ventilate the room in which the infected person is
- if a sore throat, then burnt sugar is useful, it is easy to make it yourself: pour a little sugar in a teaspoon and a few drops of water, hold for a couple of minutes over the stove so that the sugar in the spoon melts and starts to “sizzle”, then it hardens and tastes delicious lozenges that can be absorbed, it treats sore throats well.
These not complicated recommendations will help to overcome the first signs of a cold or even get rid of it completely. But it is worth remembering that you can not abuse self-medication. If you have a high fever, cough or diarrhea, then in this case it is better to consult a doctor immediately, because it can be a serious illness and such simple methods will not help Video communication with chat users that are automatically found by the system, as well as with users from the friends list. Terms of use, including paid features. Show naked girls live in the rooms free sex chat Busty girl sex chat and handjob-porn video chat is designed to communicate with girls, guys and couples. They shoot their sex on video and show it on the site of free porn video chat. The most popular is a porn video chat with naked girls who show their naked bodies.