Honestly, even starting to write this material, I have not yet fully decided on my attitude to Two Worlds 2. Friv games play online at this website http://www.friv4online.com. Play today at the best friv games. There were almost equal pleasant moments and annoying. Moreover, judging by the endless discussions on the forums, I'm not the only one. Well, let's try together to figure out what is good and bad.

It seems that in the role-playing genre it is already extremely difficult to come up with something new. It is enough just not to fall below a certain level - and it will do. And then - to whom there is enough conscience. Here, the Poles had enough for a completely standard setting from the series "I will save you, sister!". Well, after a touching scene on the engine, our long and hard journey starts.

I'm sure everyone familiar with Two Worldsand its laws, at first it will be a little boring, for Two Worlds 2 is swinging slowly, gaining momentum only in the middle of the story. At first, all the time is devoted exclusively to the study of how and what is arranged here.

Clear business, could not do without character customization. Especially, however, you can’t get away with it, so you will definitely not be able to make your exact copy. On the contrary, the main goal, rather, will be to create someone not too ugly. That's all. The remaining parameters of the ward will be determined already by your personal style of play.

There are three standard and slammed paths to choose from: we wet everyone in a row with cold and piercing-cutting, we bring down gracefully and from afar, we call for the help of the power of magic. In all three cases, there are special skills for leveling, personal weapons and, of course, armor.

Apparently, the developers did not understand which line in the skills and abilities of the hero to adhere, so they created something like a combined system. The main character is the jack of all trades, but he still needs help from outside. Having mastered the necessary professions, begin to boldly work miracles in your cozy, but limited in capacity inventory. Instantly, literally on the knee, unnecessary things are sorted into several components, with the help of which you can improve and improve what is definitely useful.

Suppose that the more actively you pump blacksmithing skills, the more “lotions” and “causals” become available to you. The main strength in the stones - they sometimes give a serious increase to the characteristics, turning a frail knife into a powerful butcher cleaver. The same goes for armor: it makes no sense to look for randomly scattered unique items in chests or save hundreds of coins to buy them from merchants.

Actually, with such artisanal production you can live and hardly be bothered. This also applies to cooking potions of varying degrees of usefulness. It all depends on the development of a particular skill. By the way, it will be necessary to think carefully over the competent division of the received points. With four basic parameters, everything is clear: if you want, for example, to increase your health or more effectively chop enemies with your sword, then feel free to invest experience in the relevant paragraphs. Well, with the expediency of the remaining investments, it is not so simple - far from all the skills are really useful.

Well, the subtitle speaks for itself. After the disastrous continuation of the legendary role-playing series, fans of the genre already almost from hopelessness began to pin their hopes on all the outgoing RPG-projects in a row. After all, I really wanted Reality Pump to take into account the mistakes and shortcomings of the first part, took up the mind and perfected its Polish middle peasant.

Now, with the naked eye, the future fate of Two Worlds 2 is visible . The transition to MMO is what this project is likely to expect. The huge but empty world and the dominance of primitive quests a la "bring / kill" all too clearly hint at such an outcome. Well, for a single player campaign is a minus. Although not so bold - still the tasks are not all primitive, and there are still several ways to solve them.

By the way, here is the very openness and seamlessness of the vast world - this is just an advertising gimmick. The problem is that the accessible areas are mostly crammed with the same type of aggressive creatures. But if you want adventures on your own head, there will be a desire to look into the dark and scary corners of the map, then you can not do it in any way. On too many doors and walkways we will see an obstacle sign - in the so-called open world there were too many bans.

The surrounding landscapes, although deserted, but a ride on horseback is a pleasure. The picture here looks more than decent. Although, perhaps, the only thing that can not be forgiven to the creators is the obsession with blues - apparently, the developers are not so clear-cut guys.

True, not everyone will enjoy the beauty. And although it became extremely fashionable to complete the game after its release, using customers as free beta testers today, we hoped in soul that Two Worlds 2will not repeat the bitter fate of his predecessor. Alas and ah. She will definitely need a couple of heavy patches, so that most glitches and bugs disappear, and the balance becomes acceptable. I would also like to wish that the characters do not get stuck in the textures, and the opponents behave at least a little more adequately - for some sensible AI, however, it is hardly worth hoping for.

By the way, the combat system, although it looks nice and even uses Hollywood tricks (there are all kinds of spectacular finishes in slow mode), in fact, it still remained an ordinary call. If the enemy is not so strong as to overwhelm you from the first blow, in eight out of ten cases he simply clings to the wall and lets himself score. It's a shame.

For some reason, it seems to me that even after reading this article, people who are not familiar with Two Worlds 2 will not be able to determine their attitude to it. As you can see, the positive and negative sides were named. Some players scold the project, accusing it of borrowing ideas, secondary, gray. Irritated by flaws, they see no development in comparison with the original and complain that now the role-players are not the same. Others seem to scold too, but nevertheless stick out in "Two Worlds" whole evenings, performing story and side quests, exploring locations and pumping the character. Your humble servant herself belongs to the second type - I know for sure and see all the shortcomings of Two Worlds 2 , but I can not tear myself away.

Pros: finalized or revised some aspects of the original; decent sound and picture; not all quests are primitive.
Cons: improvements are not too significant, the main "sores" have not been cured; "Dampness" of the code - patches are needed.