Competent fighting game, as experience tells us, is a weakly compatible thing with mobile phones. Even the most sophisticated sensor is not able to replace the buttons. Accordingly, the speed is not the same, responsiveness is lame, developers are forced to go to artificial simplifications and "slowdowns" of the game process. Brotherhood of Violence is not a purebred fighting game, which very well justifies its reduced dynamics. This is, if you want, a street fight simulator. But how fascinating he is, in spite of his “bluntness,” is a very important question, the answer to which we are now trying to find. There are other problems. Friv games play online at this website Play today at the best friv games.

We choose one of the twelve declared fighters (fewer are available at the very beginning), watch movies that are stylized as a movie from the 80s and go to beat gullible faces. This is what Brotherhood of Violence is . The controls are simple and responsive - as if waiting for the response of a not always attentive player. The gameplay is built in such a way that you will definitely have time to think over a series of strokes.

Drawn buttons for doing various actions are not so few as it seems. Leap, main strike, joystick to move back and forth and a pair of arrows to move in the third dimension. In the midst of a fight, you will occasionally wink at the button of the superblow. The main thing here is to choose the right moment when it lights up in full force. Then the deadly and, of course, extremely spectacular reception of the enemy is provided. In fact, this is QTE, but it fits in the gameplay very gently, unobtrusively.

Protagonist Brotherhood of Violence- “bad guy” retired. Inveterate former "colleagues" who abduct the hero’s brother in revenge are extremely disagree with his current role. We have to take up the old and fight in the name of that very fraternity. Endless fights very much resemble the Story mode of ancient fighting games for PS One. We advance in level, wet the crowds, select hits for the most agile, reflect wave after wave. And so - until the end of the level. You can raise axes, bats and other piercing and cutting.

There are a lot of levels, and each one is a fascinating journey, well thought out by game designers. Enemies are fighting, dodging and falling painfully. And we gain points, move along the career-level ladder and, most importantly, “customize” the character. Here you have glasses, and bandages, and jackets with pants, even patches on the eyes. After each level, the game carefully suggests updating the wardrobe - it’s difficult to stay.

Over time, Brotherhood of Violence forgives monosyllabic dialogs, even imbued with their primitivism. You perceive the deliberate retardation of the game process with understanding - on sensors it is impossible in a different way. Street brawlers are able to surprise with interesting blows, and our hero - with spectacular parries.

Street fights in the name of a real brotherhood - Brotherhood of Violence is an unusually amazing fighting game in which the leisurely gameplay is not a bit annoying, and the abundance of interesting locations, enemies, and finishing moves carries me seriously.

Pros: fights, many fights; rich "customization" of the character; unique style and tempo-appropriate gameplay.
Cons: fresh plot; arrow buttons that are responsible for movement, horror as inconvenient; graphics may not appeal to everyone.