Medical ozone is a mixture of ozone and oxygen, usually in a ratio of 1:20. The formation of such a mixture occurs under the influence of an electric discharge in a special device.

The mixture is endowed with disinfecting properties, it is for this reason that water is treated in swimming pools. Ozone also contributes to the activation of antimicrobial protection and metabolic processes, but it does not have a detrimental effect on body tissues.

Under the influence of ozone, blood properties improve, tissues are more quickly provided with oxygen, normal functioning of all organs and systems of the body is restored, microcirculation is restored, and lymphatic drainage is enhanced. The body restores lost protective functions, so the fight against viruses, bacteria and fungi is much more successful.

Ozone therapy has a healing and rejuvenating effect, improves the structure of the skin and hair, fights fat deposits. Ozone has an analgesic and detoxifying effect. If a woman is pregnant, then ozone therapy facilitates the manifestation of toxicosis and does not allow the fetus to experience oxygen starvation.

There are two methods of ozone therapy - systemic and local.

The systemic technique is more popular and is the introduction of an ozonated solution intravenously through a dropper. In addition, autohemotherapy with ozone is used, that is, an ozonized blood plasma transfusion is performed. In some cases, the following are provided: ingestion of ozonated liquids, injection of an ozone-oxygen mixture into the rectum, inhalation of ozone and a suspension of ozonated water.

Local methods include: ozone baths and showers, a steam sauna with ozone, sessions in frame chambers with different pressures, injections of an ozone-oxygen mixture under the skin, intra-articular and intrapleural administration, vaginal insufflation, external use of ointments and oils containing ozone.

Ozone therapy, as a rule, can be combined with any medication. The exception is only anticoagulants and simultaneous physiotherapy. Since ozone increases the spectrum of action of pharmacological drugs, it is possible to reduce their dosage, for example, painkillers, sedatives, antibacterial, antihypertensives.

There are not so many contraindications for ozone therapy: hyperthyroidism, frequent convulsions, hemophilia, pancreatitis, myocardial diseases, alcoholic psychosis, and individual intolerance.
Do not be afraid that the procedure can be expensive. Ozone therapy is quite accessible to people with an average income. The standard rate of treatment is about five procedures. buy youtube subscribers