When laying linoleum, some owners think about whether to lay an additional substrate under this material. This technology is usually used if a laminate is chosen for the floor. But is it justified when using just linoleum? In fact, there are advantages and problems. What is worth knowing about such a procedure?

Why lay the linoleum backing

1. Minimizing bumps. One of the problems with linoleum is that it cannot be laid on an uneven surface. Therefore, an additional substrate can be useful if initially there are differences in elevation on a rough basis, and the owner does not want to eliminate them with the usual methods. The substrate compensates for irregularities and provides the best conditions for laying linoleum.

2. Improving insulation performance. A suitable substrate provides additional heat and sound insulation, so the living conditions in the room become more comfortable. But it must be borne in mind that not all types of this product have good insulating parameters. For example, ordinary chipboard or MDF panels in this case are much worse than technical cork.

3. Protection against condensation. If repair work is carried out in an apartment on the ground floor or in a private house, it is advisable to further protect against the formation of condensate. Otherwise, the risk of mold formation under linoleum is growing. As a protection against condensation, for example, a plastic film is suitable. But she is deprived of the other advantages described above. Therefore, foamed polyethylene and similar materials can be used.

Problems laying linoleum substrates

There are also many difficulties when using the substrate. The main one is that most types of modern substrates do not have sufficient rigidity. Accordingly, if you lay linoleum on them, the floor will be missed. The risk of dents on the finishing material increases. This applies, for example, to the already mentioned technical cork and foamed polyethylene.

OSB, MDF and chipboard panels do not have such a minus, so they are suitable for use with linoleum much better.

To lay a substrate or not?

Given the above features, we can say for sure that the substrate is useful in some cases. But the material itself must be appropriate: hard, smooth, not afraid of moisture. Then the result will please, and linoleum will last much longer. Roshtein – twitch casino streamer, who streams on Fake money! Read here - https://casinova.org/roshtein-brilliant-actor-without-an-oscar/ And share this info with other gamblers