Having reached the end of the ledge, lean back and jump to the balustrade behind. Use the DROP DOWN after Nilin hooks onto a balustrade that allows you to land on a platform where you can find focus enhancement.

Climb the stairs and jump in the direction of the vertical beam and automatically to the new stable platform. Go ahead to find the SAT Hatch and the door that you can open with a spammer. After you reach a new location, turn left and find the Scaramech that you need to eliminate.

Go ahead and listen to a short talk with Tommy as you walk past this steep crash. Immediately after climbing the stairs, turn around and examine the area that is next to the stairs. You can find here Mnesist Memory.

[New journal entry: Remembering and Philosophy of Charles Cartier Wells]

Keep moving forward. When you get to the edge, find the crane and use the Spammer, which will open the passage for you, and you can grab onto the ledge. Use the SAT Hatch if you need to and go to the interactive panels where you need to use Spammer again. Stay here and find Scaramech, clinging to one of the raised panels.

Destroy the parasite and take the jump only then. Explore dimly lit linear corridors. While you are doing this, the game will notify you of the appearance of a new mutant. Climb the two stairs and open the door leading to the hangar. Here you have to face monsters that you have not seen before.

The defeat of the first wave of invisible mutants

Now you are going to fight with a new type of mutant ("Strangling Worms"), which can become invisible and as a result catch you by surprise. During this battle, do not forget to stay in constant motion and often perform evasions, which will reduce the risk of damage. Fortunately, you do not need to fight blindly, as mutants are vulnerable to light. Therefore, from time to time, approach the spotlight to turn it on (you can also control it from a distance).

To your advantage, you can use the fact that monsters become visible after you turn on the light, and that is when you must hit. Since the time frame is small, rely on the combos that do the most damage, as well as Sensen's rage. Repeat this sequence (turn on the spotlight, attack visible monsters) until you finally win.

[New journal entry: Enemy of the Information - Strangler Jumper] Detailed information about stains on polished marble and their removal