Those who are a fan of diets or practice fasting days, have long been imbued with this fermented milk product with all the strength of the soul. Adherents of a healthy diet are also in favor of this product, and even those who do not belong to any of the groups of people listed above, sometimes do not mind eating yogurt, which, in fact, will be discussed.
In the East, yogurt has been highly valued since time immemorial. And no wonder: Oriental beauties know the true price of natural beauty products and use them simply expertly.
Asians use yogurt as a tonic for face milk. A matter of two minutes - a cotton pad is wetted in yogurt, and the face should be wiped along the massage lines. After this simple manipulation, the face becomes infantile tender, and wrinkles are smoothed out, as if by magic.
This simple product perfectly cleanses the scalp, and hair - as if from an advertisement for a fashionable shampoo. Yogurt, of course, is not the best "perfume", but the result makes you forget about this inconvenience. Moreover, it is disposable, there are many aromatic agents.
For those who have dry skin, this mask is suitable: 3 teaspoons of yogurt is mixed with a teaspoon of dried chamomile (flowers). The mask should be aged 15 minutes, it is washed off with warm water. The mask will help out with skin inflammatory processes.
And now - a recipe for owners of oily skin. Yogurt (a teaspoon) this time is mixed with chopped cabbage leaves, whipped egg protein and 1 teaspoon of hercules flour are added to the composition. The mask is held on the face for 20 minutes. When washing off the mask, it is recommended to use a contrast shower. Do not be afraid that the skin will tighten - on the contrary, it will give the skin elasticity, and small wrinkles will surely disappear. But, in addition to eliminating oily sheen and wrinkles, the mask also nourishes the skin.
For body care, “village wraps” are recommended: the body is smeared with yogurt, wrapped in large cabbage leaves, fixed with a cling film. Then lie down for half an hour, and after removing the leaves and film, you can only enjoy your own smooth and delicate skin.
Yogurt provides a truly excellent effect. And at the same time, it costs the villager free of charge, and for a resident of the city this option is not particularly costly! chwilówki od 18 lat bez dochodów