Probably the worst thing for a young mother is the illness of her child. When the child cries, you get lost and ready for all the unthinkable experiments to ease the suffering of the baby: medicines, traditional medicine, the advice of a neighbor ... Stop! Your child’s life may be in danger from these remedies. All children get sick, the body gradually adapts to new conditions and, accordingly, immunity is developed. No wonder it is considered desirable to get some diseases in childhood. The main rule, if you think that the baby is unwell - do not panic. Find another field for your fears and fantasies. Do not make diagnoses yourself and do not rush about the phone for every reason to call a doctor.

By the appearance of the child, one can determine the state of his health. If he is sluggish, refuses food, cries badly for a long time, his temperature rises - of course, only a pediatrician can determine the cause of an ailment. But if the baby feels great, he has an excellent appetite, pink cheeks, but it seemed to you “something” (some kind of pimple is strange, for example), do not rush to stuff it with pills. A few misconceptions about how to behave with a sick child, apply traditional treatment, or follow grandma's advice will be the topic of this article.

The first problem that a young mother faces is the digestive problems of the child. Of course, you need to monitor the state of the chair of your child, but without fanaticism. The common belief is that with colic you do not need to do anything, this is normal - it will pass by itself, I consider it a cave. It hurts the baby! This directly affects his nervous system. And if the great pharmacist came up with Espumisan to relieve this pain, why not use it? I’ll say from my own experience that I spent more than one sleepless night next to my eldest son screaming from colic. With the second, this story did not repeat. Another side of the coin is constipation. This is what often leads an inexperienced mother into confusion. But the child looks healthy, eats well, is not naughty - he just doesn’t poop. So tell me, please, why torment him with soap and an enema? It is scientifically proven that constipation of an infant is a child's reaction to the emotional background of a mother. You are very tense - get it! Try to relax and not be nervous, and everything will happen naturally.

Teething is very stressful for a baby. This is exactly the case when the use of painkillers becomes the rule. The child’s immunity at this time is weakened, and if he begins to refuse food due to sore gums, this can lead to any disease. We used Denthol Baby Ointment and Nurofen Syrup.

A few words about the skin condition of the baby. Small redness, pimples are a normal reaction of a child to skin contact with the environment. The skin of the baby is so sensitive that it is strictly forbidden to use creams and oils of unknown origin. The best option is a vegetable oil calcined in a water bath. The use of diapers is very undesirable, despite the attractive advertising and the assurance of their comfort and safety.

Whatever means you use to maintain the health of your child, whose advice and recommendations are not used, remember that it is important to observe the dosage of the medicine. It helped once - you do not need to stuff it with a "proven" agent every time the baby cries. The main medicine is mother’s love and tenderness. Register in our sex chat and meet thousands of stunning models from all over the world, ready to give you a lot of pleasant emotions and feelings. Welcome to hot sexy girl created for anonymous communication between users on an intimate topic, you can share private photos and videos without registration. Meet for sex and communicate anonymously online, without registration throughout Russia and the World. PS: Even your wife doesn't find out you're here masturbating.))