Sometimes it happens that towards the man signs of attention stop. You need to pay attention to any signs of attention. When we want to communicate, to meet a girl, we build relationships. What is a relationship? This is a mutual exchange and a step towards. If a girl suddenly breaks off these steps, you see some kind of inadequacy in behavior, she either decided to play with you, or really got cold and can’t show it in any way. There is a very fine line here. To seek a girl is when you understand that a girl is giving you signs of attention, she gives some hope. She shows her interest in various ways. For example, accepts your courtship, accepts your tokens, and at least it is reciprocal, because it gives an answer.

Whatever games girls like, there is one thing. If you are an adequate, normal guy, then any smart girl with similar values ​​that such a young man needs will not miss such a guy. No girl will flirt so much that the guy will turn away and understand that there are no more options. Of course, she reciprocated, so that he continued. But, again, you should not go to that side when you start running after a girl. When a man achieves, he does not run. To achieve - to take proper care, to show signs, keep a normal distance, where you respect yourself, that is, do not become a rag, and where you respect the boundaries of women. When men start running, this is an absolutely losing strategy. Do not be a spineless rag. Girls don't like these guys.

The victim guy is a whiner who runs after the girl, although she does not reciprocate. He comforts himself with hope. The girl manipulates him, plays, but does not let him in. The guy rummaged through a bunch of articles, forums on how to seduce a girl, but nothing works. The victim guy himself wants to run after the girl. Do not fool yourself. If the girl does not reciprocate, and you want to achieve, this is your desire. When a man likes a girl, this is an adult position. When he wants to look after her, but realizes that there is no chance, he realizes that you should not waste time and switch to something else. Such a man adequately understands that she likes the girl, but she is not interested in her. The man proudly and decently decides to move on. Even if something happens for a guy who runs after a girl, it will be a short relationship. Women love independent men who are independent of her as well, but they need to be independent.

So, what conclusions can you come to? First, look closely at the girl and her tokens. Remember that the girl herself will not miss a normal guy. Secondly, be independent, do not follow your feelings, maintain dignity. Then a normal girl will appreciate it, she will see a real man who did not immediately blur, because she will evaluate from the point of view of your fidelity to yourself. If a girl sees that you are holding fast, she will conclude that, most likely, you are true to yourself and, accordingly, you will be true to her and you can continue the relationship. couple levitra ou cialis levitra 20mg pas cher