Kuznetsov in our time is almost gone. About large companies for the production of forged products, is also not heard. But, metal gates, fences, gates, doors and other products still exist. All these orders are carried out by private firms. Demand for them is even in small cities, which means that the manufacture of forged products can be a good idea for a business. All that remains is to think carefully over everything, draw up a business plan and organize your own small private company. By the way, all the costs of such a business may well pay off in 2-3 months!
As we already know, we will not need to hire professional blacksmiths. All products will qualitatively and quickly make machines for us. The person managing them does not need any special education and skills.
For this kind of business, at the first stage we will need at least 3 machines. Each machine will have its own tasks: cutting spirals, screws, bolts, applying impressions and dies, and many others. Of course, the more machines you have, the more you will be able to meet customer requirements and fulfill the most sophisticated forged products.
A small room for rent for little money can be found at old factories or some kind of warehouse.
In addition to machines, we will also need a furnace for hardening metal. You can hire any workers to work with her. All they need to do is put metal and press buttons.
We will also need some additional tools, such as a welding machine, hammer, hammer, gas burner, etc.
On such machines it is possible to easily make fireplaces, fences, fences, barbecues, furniture, gratings, etc. The average selling price of 1 meter of finished products is 3000 - 5000 rubles.
Customers will choose their favorite products from the catalog and place orders. In the process of improving the business, you may need to hire a professional designer who will personally make sketches for large clients.
What is the starting capital needed for such a business?
One machine and one stove cost 40,000 rubles. Still have to buy clothes for workers and some tools on the little things. Roughly speaking, to start your business for the manufacture of forged products you will need 170,000 - 230,000 rubles. Rent and salary expenses will be an additional approximately 70,000 rubles per month.
How much can you earn?
The cost of 1 meter of forged metal is 1000-1500 rubles. When ordering 10 meters, your profit will be 60,000 - 90,000 rubles. 10 meters can be made in just 2.5 hours. If you succeed, you can earn a million rubles a month. Over time, you can increase production, improve technology, buy new machines and equipment, increase the number of employees and enter new horizons! $5 deposit casino nz