For a year now, MMORPG has been living and working in the Russian market . Its original developer is KongZhong , but the Russian operator GameNet has made many improvements and added the game’s own “gamenet” face. Which is natively dear to the domestic user. And this gave a result - the project has already scored eight servers and does not experience a lack of users. There is probably something in it that attracts a large audience. What we tried to figure out. And here they give such types of games as applications and online friv games on According to various researches such games as logic, trivia, memory and puzzle friv could help you to avoid dementia and forgetfulness.

Calling on the go the main feature that attracts thousands of users is unlikely to succeed. There is nothing particularly revolutionary in the game, however, it very sensibly combines standard free-to-play MMO tricks with its own notions. For example, the prices in the game store are quite moderate, and the range is not that critical for gameplay success.

The visual design is moderately pleasant, the graphics are not scary, and there are still elves. Yes, we understand that elves in MMO will not surprise anyone, but in they are special. Because they are not some ordinary companions, but full-fledged items of equipment. Although very pretty.

Simply put, you equip yourself with an elf that suits your taste, get a figure with wings hanging behind your right shoulder (this is on the avatar model) and all kinds of bonuses. Probably, long-eared beauties give someone a purely aesthetic pleasure, but, of course, their main task is to strengthen the owner. Which translates into better health and stronger defense and attack. And not a trifle, and nice.

Elves are taken in different ways. The most unpretentious are given to all for so, more complicated - they are caught, drafted or obtained as trophies. Finally, to get an elite elf, you have to do ... elfotechnics. That is, crossing existing elves in order to breed the best breed. It sounds somewhat naturalistic, but in fact you will not get any such scenes from the game - everything is cute and chaste.

Another important is divinity. At level 20, a player can choose a heavenly patron for himself and then begin to complete quests for greater divine favor. Well, then begins the standard "pumping" for the sake of gaining faith points and processing them into supernatural abilities. Abilities, however, are supernatural only in origin. And so - nothing special: additional attacking techniques, treatment, "buffs" ... Everything is nice, but the "To win" button does not resemble in any way.

You can also turn yourself into a divine avatar once every half an hour. For 30 seconds. The character starts to glow like a Christmas tree and give out lyuley. It’s also nice, but a half-hour rollback implies that often it will not work as an “imba”. Which is right ... Also, divine protection provides with special equipment. But when everyone can get it, the value of such an opportunity is quite standard.

The epic PvE and PvP totem hunts at are organically combined with another key feature - “events”. The latter are various events, often daily, tied to a specific time. Therefore, the players know exactly what to expect and when, and ahead of time they gather in organized and not very crowds.

For example, the epic PvP Event Demonion brings together the population of all servers. By the way, it was developed in Russia, so its participants, one might say, support the domestic manufacturer. On the appointed day and hour, anyone who reaches the desired level (the 80th - for the most advanced version) can log into a separate dedicated server and hunt for enemy totems.

The event can be announced in your own cool outfit, but if the equipment does not pull "haute couture", then the developers will give money and the opportunity to buy more impressive things. Alas, they will remain on the characters only for the duration of the battles. As soon as the fighters return to their native servers, all their free clothes disappear without a trace. Such a variation on the theme of Cinderella.

Further, in fact, fights begin. Since each server receives its totem, it protects it. At the same time trying to kill others. The crowd as a result gathers notable - it can easily pass for a thousand. The “server” armies rush between totems, trying to kill all eight birds with one stone (destroy seven enemy totems and defend the eighth - their own) immediately, in turn, or how it turns out.

After only one totem remains, its owner server is declared the winner, and the distribution of prizes begins. Of course, champions get the sweetest cream. But something falls into the loser, so that they (the losers, that is) do not remain - everyone somehow wins something.

PvE-events are not so epic, but safer - they gathered at the right time, killed all the “bots” and received a well-deserved reward. Profit Only homegrown "player killers" can interfere. You can attack in the game almost anywhere (except for small safe zones) and against anyone - just turn on the special mode.

However, there is a nuance - unprovoked aggression is punished with negative karma. As soon as it drops below 300 (and this is literally a few murders), the criminal can lose his things at death. If not protect them. Protection, however, is bypassed. In real, which is characteristic, rubles. Karma can be washed. But also not for free. Therefore, you have to think and guess: is a criminal game worth of hard currency?

Despite the presence of original design solutions, in its deepest essence, remains a typical mainstream. Development to the 100th level will take enough time so as not to get bored during the year, quests will help you to do this, although you should not expect any super-interesting tasks - everything is subject to the most effective set of levels.

The class system is not without nuances. Until level 20, there are no classes at all in the game - all are the same noobs. Upon reaching this milestone, the player can choose one of four classes - warrior, mage, bard and shooter. At level 60, classes are split into specializations. A warrior becomes a master or paladin, a magician becomes a priest or a thunderer, a bard becomes an apostle or keeper, a shooter becomes a ghost or tracker. And this classification is already final. Although subject to appeal. In the sense that for an additional fee, you can always change a disgusted class to another.

However, there is an opinion that the “additional payment” in is not the worst of what can be found on our market. Someone even believes that the multiplicity of servers and their good population are just the result of a very gentle donation. We were unable to verify this for the short time that we tested the game (and thanks to freebies from developers). But the information was from a reliable source. Honestly, not time.

The social aspect in free-play is perhaps the main thing. There are, of course, loner-tamers in them, but most come precisely for communication and new acquaintances. In this sense, provides a full range of services. For example, in addition to standard guilds, players can start families.

The family in the game is not quite the unit of society to which we are accustomed. It can unite up to 12 people, which is more likely a patriarchal tribal system from the time of the birth of civilization. Weddings, ceremonies, celebrations - all this is also present. And no flaws in family life are some of the benefits. Especially if the second half is a pretty creation of senior school age.

However, other people in the game are more and more good and pleasant. Players communicate, smile, help newcomers, and in general, everything is quite nice. There are a lot of cute girls who attract cute boys, and they have a really nice time together. If you like this atmosphere, then will not disappoint you.