Ureaplasma at the initial stage of the disease is asymptomatic, and only a laboratory examination can identify it. Pregnancy complications in the presence of infection occur no more often than in those mothers in whom it is not detected. But, if ureaplasma is detected, no one gives a guarantee that the presence of infection and pregnancy will be able to proceed peacefully throughout the entire period.
During a period of reduced immunity, the disease can become aggressive and cause various inflammations. Symptoms of the disease are: pain during urination, itching in the genital area, burning with insufficient hygiene, clear discharge. Often women are concerned about abdominal pain, fever.
What is the danger of the disease
The treatment of the disease should be very careful, since many drugs should not be used during pregnancy. If the disease is left to chance, then the uterus is damaged, it becomes loose, the external pharynx softens, which leads to premature opening and miscarriage.
Ureaplasma infects the membranes and uterus, which leads to severe purulent complication.
The consequences for the baby in the presence of infection can be different, the infection can sit for a long time and appear at any time with complications such as pyelonephritis, pneumonia, meningitis, sepsis.
Ureaplasma treatment
In the presence of infection, the leading patient gynecologist carefully monitors the condition and development of the fetus. If necessary, the drug “Viferon” is prescribed, but not earlier than 14 weeks. The drug is without side effects and is well tolerated by a woman and a fetus. Viferon acts on the immune system and helps the body resist infection. Also, the medication can be prescribed as a prophylactic against infections and strengthens the immunity of the child.
More recently, the presence of such an infection, was the cause of abortion. Today, medicine allows treatment with mild antibiotics for a period of 20 weeks. It is very important that both partners participate in the treatment of the infection, as reinfection will be inevitable.
A woman who has been diagnosed with an infection should by no means give in to panic. Medicine is able to treat this disease without risk for pregnancy, the most important thing is to strictly follow the recommendations of the gynecologist and take a responsible approach to treatment. Be healthy! https://bestcasinocanadaonline.com/