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This game is not a simulator at all. So, a parody. A mockery of everyone: ordinary players, fans of the genre, those who just love racing and cars. We will try to be as objective and impartial as possible, but we love the “cars”, therefore we do not guarantee.

In the WRC Experience mode from cards with glasses and colorful pyramids naturally ripples in the eyes.
There are only two modes here: WRC Experience and Time Attack. The first is a set of levels with artificial obstacles placed on them. We collect cards with glasses, knock down pins, try not to touch the restrictive caps. The imaginary drive adds the presence of the so-called "zones for drift." If you get into such a situation, try to quickly apply the “brake”.

WRC Experience is actually a very sad and monotonous thing. There are a lot of tests with pins, cards and "drift zones". From time to time, only the amount of these obstacles and the tortuosity of the route can be changed. For you, this mode will quickly exhaust itself, and you will be forced to hopefully turn to Time Attack.

Imagine there is still more prosaic and condo. Here is the road for you, here is the chatty navigator, and visual clues clearly indicate the danger level of the local routes. Everything. The car obediently passes one turn after another, you get to the cherished finish line, the trip ends, everyone disperses.

For the positive aspects, I would definitely like to attribute a good physical model: everything is very correctly rotated, skidded and skidded. Not very positive - the authors appeal with the available technology. Still, Unreal is capable of more. And here - boring landscapes and a minimum of visual lotions. On the other hand, this engine is not the best option for racing.

All WRC Shakedown Edition - a couple of modes, several cars and, fortunately, diverse tracks. A boring rally arcade game that is sorely lacking in content.

Pros: the tracks are well furnished.
Cons: few modes; little drive; few interesting cars.